My name is ZOE'.  I am a self-taught artist, living on the
beautiful island of Kauai.  I grew up in the beach town of
Encinitas, California and became an artist at a young age. My
first mural was on my bedroom wall with crayons. I was about
4 years old and I knew then that I was an artist.
Growing up on the beach, I learned to surf and I began to
travel.  I always had my paints and brushes with me. I spent a
lot of time exploring Hawaii, Mexico and Guatemala in search
of waves.  Surfing, painting and leaving my art at places I
would stay.  My travels also took me to Italy and I studied the
art in Florence.
I have been painting over forty years.  My work ranges from
hand painting small tiny beach rocks, to wall sized murals and
clouded ceilings.
I love to paint on canvas but surfboards are my favorite to
work with. I have sold over 70  painted surfboards to date.  My
surfboards and canvas paintings  are hanging in private
homes, businesses, restaurants  and art galleries in the United
States and through out the world including Japan, France,
Italy, Germany, Denmark and the Virgin Islands.
Kauai was my most favorite place to go,  so I made my home
there with my husband, a couple dogs, lots of cats and many
chickens and roosters!
I am always inspired by the beautiful richness of the tropical
                     "Find your place and go there"
(c)  All rights reserved  2015
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